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Sol-Feace Reviewed by Jerry Terrifying on . Rating: 71%
Sol-Feace Sol-Feace Sol-Feace Sol-Feace
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Sol-Feace was not only the first 2D shooter for the Sega CD, but it was also the original pack-in for the $300 console. A remake of the Genesis game Sol-Deace, Sol-Feace featured a rockin' soundtrack and the type of high quality sound effects only found on the Sega CD. Is this a must-own shooter for Sega's first CD console or just another generic action game? We gave this trailblazer to Jerry Terrifying for the full review.

Summary: With a catchy soundtrack and easy difficulty, Sol-Feace is a solid 2D shoot-em-up. Look for incredible bosses and the type of visual flourishes that remind you that this was bleeding edge technology at one point. Unfortunately, there isn't much that sets this game apart outside of the presentation. Shooter fans may get a kick out of it, but this is yet another generic 2D shooter for a 16-bit console.
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