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Super Dodgeball Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 85%
Super Dodgeball
Super Dodgeball Super Dodgeball Super Dodgeball
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There are games that make me yearn High School (Final Fantasy VII), Question High School (Rival Schools United By Fate), desire High School (any of those Japanese Dating Simulators) and now, with Technos' Super Dodgeball on the Neo Geo, I can fear High School! If there is one thing I remember hating in High School, it was P.E. And while the running was lame, and I really didn't care for playing scooter football ... it was Dodgeball that just seemed a little unfair. And this game really helps my argument out.

In fact, schools now have started to banning Dodgeball (some people called it Bombardment) from their physical education. So, one day, the only way the youth will be able to play this painful game, will be on game systems! Enter: Super Dodgeball for the Neo Geo

American Technos has done an extremely good job at not only recreating the excitement of Dodgeball, but it also works on a weird fighting game level. Your team consists of three team members. A strong member, a weak member, and an alright member. The balance is actually pretty good (even though you can really mess up the balance by stealing other team mates from fallen rounds). The control is pretty tight, too. There are the basic Street Fighter II moves, plus tons of new Dodgeball techniques.

Super Dodgeball doesn't break any new ground, but it is a lot more fun than it probably ought to be. This game is especially fun when people are over, and the control is being passed. You'd be amazed how entertaining Dodgeball can be, when you're not being yelled at by the coach!!
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