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Street Hoops Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 64%
Street Hoops
Street Hoops Street Hoops Street Hoops
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Ah the days of NBA Jam. How can I forget those 100 feet tall dunks, and the on fire, and the breaking of the backboard? Well, two seconds in Street Hoop and you won't have any problem remembering NBA Jam, as Street Hoops IS NBA Jam.

Well, that's not all true. Street Hoops has taken a button away (turbo) and given us a third player on our team (which really makes things more murky than anything). They have also thrown out the real players and teams (which I can understand) and given us a few teams with hack players (which all look the same).

The control is pretty good, but can't be compared to NBA Jam. Plus, this game just doesn't have the "umph" that NBA Jam did, perhaps it's the lack of codes, or the lack of cheer leaders, or maybe this just doesn't seem as much fun anymore? What is here is pretty good, and it's a fun two player game, but it's no substitute for NBA Jam.

Hmm ... if you can't tell by now, there is a serious NBA Jam bias running through this article, so I suggest you take your Street Hoop problems to NBA J ... well, you know what I'm going to say.
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