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SpinMaster Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 71%
SpinMaster SpinMaster SpinMaster SpinMaster
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Based loosely on the Genesis title Dashin' Desperadoes, Spin Master manages to give us a fun playing, if not clich?, action game in the spirit of Metal Slug.

There is a lot of good action and graphics in Spin Master, but the control is just perfect! In fact the control is better than Metal Slug, and if it weren't for the lack of weapons, this game would rival Metal Slug in every way. Data East has allowed for eight way shooting, unlike Metal Slug's four way shooting. This amounts to the ability to shoot diagonal as well as straight forward!

But the weapons are extremely silly. You start with a yo yo, but compared to a punching glove, bombs, and ice darts, the yo yo is a God send. The game does feature good graphics too. While not up to the caliber of the Metal Slug series, they are better than most in the genre. Some of the animation is cute, but the lack of diverse bad guys and bosses really hurts the longevity of the title.

But it's not like you will enjoy it long enough to care about the graphics. The game can literally be beaten in under a half hour. There may be five levels, but each can be easily beaten by just jumping on the bad guys and running forward. There really is no challenge in this game what so ever. There's a two player mode, but still the game is made even easier. It's fun for a while, but just not hard enough.

But I do like the ability to pick your own treasure chest at the end of the game. And the game really is more fun than it ought to be. And even though it's short, easy, and has silly weapons, the game is much better than your average Neo Geo platformer. Well worth checking out.
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