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Diggers Reviewed by John Huxley on . Rating: 57%
Diggers Diggers Diggers
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Diggers is an attempt at blending a Lemmings-style control scheme and a Boulderdash-style rock game, with a hearty helping of delicious war game strategy.

You control a team of five diggers as they explore the barren wastelands of Zarg, a planet rich in minerals and gems (at least, below the surface). Using a pop-up icon panel, you have to send each digger down into the ground, collecting gems to a prestated value, while trying to avoid enemy diggers and all the usual ghosts and such you find under the soil.

Diggers (Amiga CD32)

Each digger has a limited armory of actions (walk in a direction, run in a direction or dig in a direction) and these have to be utilized to get you to gem hoards as quickly as possible. As you make money, you are able to buy all sorts of gadgets to make your life easier, but that does not help in the beginning.

There are quite a few things I dislike about this game. First off the controls are very sluggish, and in a lot of places the diggers’ responses are illogical and unpredictable.

Diggers (Amiga CD32)

Telling a digger to dig down and to the right doesn't always mean the little SOB will dig where he is. He might walk to the left a couple of screens before he starts digging, or he might not dig at all, regardless of what is below him. You cannot scroll about the map, so you have no way of telling where the digger is heading, and the size of the icons makes the control fiddly at the times when you need to move instantly. Obviously all this is quite annoying.

The game does use the CD format to good use having some very nice sound and some nice intro and outro screens but overall on the whole the game feels like it was rushed its mediocre worth a few dollars and some of your time perhaps but nothing more.
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