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Dicing Knight Period Reviewed by Tom Lenting on . Rating: 78%
Dicing Knight Period
Dicing Knight Period Dicing Knight Period Dicing Knight Period Dicing Knight Period
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Miracles do happen, as is proved by Dicing Knight. It's an action-RPG in English for the WonderSwan Color. Yes, you read it right, it's the first and as far as I can tell the only English role-playing game for the WonderSwan so far. That's a real relief for non-Japanese Wonderswan games, since almost every other game in this system's game library is a lengthy Japanese RPG.

Anyhow, Dicing Knight was released in 2004 and was one of the last WonderSwan Color titles to hit the market. It was a winner in the WonderWitch-project, an official hobbyist homebrew development kit for the Wonderswan. At the end of its lifespan this development kit meant WonderSwan owners could still enjoy some great games, because it also led to the excellent shooter Judgement Silversword. Unfortunately, the downside is that these games are very hard to get. Originally, these games were only available by mail order to Japanse residents. Even the ROM of the game is hard to find on the internet!

In Dicing Knight you assume the role of a nameless knight who has to fight through a series of randomly generated dungeons. The game has an overhead view that is similar to the early classic Zelda games. Even the main character and especially his sword swing look very much like Zelda's main protagonist. Since the game is called 'Dicing Knight' there is also some dicing in it. When you attack an enemy dice will pop out of it and roll; you'll deal damage to the foe based on the rolls you get. In also works the other way around: when you're hit dice will determine your damage.

Dicing Knight is one the best looking Wonderswan Color titles I played so far and the audio and controls are pretty decent too. It isn't as instant accessible as some non-RPG Wonderswan games (think Golden Axe, Tetris, Final Lap Special or Kinnikuman), but when you take the time and patient to learn its controls and possibilities Dicing Knight is very rewarding. Of course, it helps a lot the whole thing is in English.

If you don't like RPG's at all, Dicing Knight won't change your opinion. But if you can enjoy a good action-RPG it's certainly a game for you. It's nowhere near up to the league of Zelda, but for Wonderswan owners it's one of the best games around, which makes it a shame it's as good as impossible to get an original copy.
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