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Rhyme Rider Kerorikan Reviewed by Tom Lenting on . Rating: 40%
Rhyme Rider Kerorikan
Rhyme Rider Kerorikan Rhyme Rider Kerorikan Rhyme Rider Kerorikan
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  • C-
At some point in their lifespan, every gaming device seems to have needed their own rhythm game. In 2000 even the WonderSwan Color got his own with Rhyme Rider Kerorican. The whole game is in Japanese, but that doesn't really matter since rhythm games are about rhythm and music. Unfortunately, the music in Rhyme Rider is just plain awful. It's suppose to be some kind of jazzy techno, but I thought it was horrendous and it drove me crazy from the moment I turned the game on.

In Rhyme Rider you play as a choppy animated girl with the name Kerorican with an enormous helmet, who is a "rhyme rider". The purpose of the game game is to avoid enemies and obstacles that randomly appear. When you do that successfully, a note sounds. So if you do this in a row you get the god-awful tunes this game is rightly despised for. However, creating the tunes is a lot harder than it sounds, because this game is nearly impossible and must be one of the hardest rhythm games ever. The so-so controls greatly contribute to this problem. Besides the obnoxious sound and mediocre controls the whole thing is designed in those candystick colors that will only appeal to very little kids or Christmas addicts.

Overall, Rhyme Rider is too difficult, too annoying and too mediocre to make it last longer than half an hour. This is a WonderSwan Color title best to be skipped.
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