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Tetris Reviewed by Tom Lenting on . Rating: 78%
Tetris Tetris Tetris Tetris
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The WonderSwan Color doesn't have many games that are in English. In fact, most games for Bandai's forgotten handheld are lengthy Japanese role-playing games with endless dialogues between manga-like characters. It's clear that these games are unplayable for non-Japanese gamers. Strangely enough, the few games for which it doesn't matter whenever they are in English or Japanese because the purpose is clear form the start, are released in the English language! One of the examples of this practice is the racing game Final Lap Special. Another game that's in English while it isn't really necessary to be able to play it, is Tetris.

The good thing is I can now tell you what options are selectable in the Wonderswan Color edition of Tetris. You can play 'Marathon' (Marathon-sessions), 40linesTetris (Tetris… in 40 lines) or 3 min Tetris (you guessed it right. Tetris in 3 minutes). Besides that, it's also possible to link your Wonderswan to another Wonderswan user to play in versus battle mode. That is, if you can find any other Wonderswan user.

The bad thing is I cannot tell you anything else you do not yet already know about Tetris. Yes, it's about bricks that mysteriously fall from the air and that you have to stack up in lines to make them disappear just as mysteriously. And yes, it's still addictive as ever.

Vanguar Works did a good job with the Wonderswan Color version of Tetris. The graphics are bright and colorful, the game contains the original Russian tunes and the control works fine. If you own a Wonderswan and are looking for a decent game, Tetris comes recommended. It's a very decent edition of the classic game without all the superfluous extra's of newer Tetris editions you're not looking for. The fact that it comes in English gives it additional bonus points. This Tetris edition was released 18 years after the original, but the game proves once more it's a timeless classic.
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