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2020 Super Baseball Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 57%
2020 Super Baseball
2020 Super Baseball 2020 Super Baseball 2020 Super Baseball 2020 Super Baseball
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Let's confess, Baseball is not meant for the arcades. Not just Baseball, but all sports, unless they are "fixed" in such a way ala NBA Jam. But even then, it appears, Baseball doesn't work in the arcades.

There isn't one single problem with 2020 Baseball, but there is one single thing I like about the game. I like the concept. In fact, I like the presentation in and of itself. The robots are cool, and the way the game gives pitchers and the players interesting moves is extremely unique.

But let's face it, you only see these interesting techniques when the computer uses them. And that's only my first complaint. Oh boy this is a bad baseball game. It may actually be worse than that World Series game on the Dreamcast. In that game it didn't give you the option of fielding ... but in 2020 Baseball you might as well not have been given the option to field. The camera moves too slow to really know where any of your fielders are, and since they move around, you never really know where your outfield is.

Plus the pitching feels a bit rigid. You can control the ball, but you start to feel it's because you can't get a very good pitch to begin with. It's too difficult to play defensive, period.

But it's pretty easy to score runs, and since homeruns are so easy, there are some extremely high scoring games. And since you don't have enough to choose a team, I guess it doesn't really matter too much who you play. Every three innings or so they make you continue ... but if you've made it to the third inning, your better than most patient gamers. Should you continue. Should you slam your head through a window?
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