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And Now It's Time For Naked Women
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on August 17, 2005   |   Episode 59 (Show Archive)  


Admit it, you already found this picture while scouring the net for porn!
The politicians talk about how we're in the middle of fighting a culture war. They get up on their soapboxes and preach about how Janet Jackson's breast is going to corrupt your children. They yell and scream about how Grand Theft Auto features interactive sex games. They cry rape when vampires suck blood in Night Trap. The politicians want to make their mark wherever they can, which is why I was so surprised to see this advertisement from Gamer Graffix.

In a world where sex is a four letter word the Gamer Graffix ad - which features a completely naked model being covered by logos and game systems - would seem to go against convention. It runs head first into what could be a sea of controversy all for the sake of getting your attention. But I'm not appalled at the use of sex to sell their product; oh no, I'm

For some strange reason alcohol has been using women in advertising for years!
appalled at how it's a blatant rip-off of something Sega tried almost 10 years ago. In the Saturn era Sega ran print adverts that were nearly identical to what we see from Gamer Graffix, featuring a nude model covered by screenshots and text.

Of course, neither Sega nor Gamer Graffix can claim credit for the idea; using objects to conveniently cover up womanly parts is hardly a new concept - even in 1995. But we're not here to explore the history of human sexuality or why people use naked women to sell their products, instead we're here to attempt to figure out why these two commercials are so similar.

After ten long years, perhaps the question should not be why but why not? It's hard to believe that it took people this long to do what Sega did for their Saturn. Considering the demographic most game makers are trying to hit, it's shocking that more companies haven't gone for the completely nude commercial. There are plenty of advertisements parading around gore, cruelty, and violence, but when it comes to sexuality most advertisers seem to shy away.

Oh, so this is what Gamer Graffix does!
Of course, using a nude girl didn't actually work for Sega. The Saturn was the first to exit the 32/64-bit arena and not even the big name arcade hits could help their sluggish sales. If you were flipping through the magazine and ran across this advert for Gamer Graffix you would probably remember the picture, but completely forget the name. I've said it a half dozen times in this article and I'm still having trouble remembering their name ... or even what they do.

Either way, it's refreshing to see a company buck the trend and go straight ahead with a sexually charged commercial. We just wish it didn't have to be so similar to an already famous Sega commercial for a decade past.


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