April 07, 2003                     A Worthwhile Cause Gone Horribly Wrong                     $3.14

Study concludes that Route 66 was not in need of a monarchy

CNN Embedded Video Feed In Need of Anti-Aliasing Upgrade

U.S. Captures First Iraqi Palace, but Princess In Another Castle

Out of control Mario Party sends two to hospital, Wario to jail

Electronic Arts Announces Wrestling Shocker: Sub Pop Vendetta

Smaller, Cheaper Xbox to weigh Only 10 Pounds

These new war games give our youth no reason to enlist in the armed forces

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wanted: mister mosquito Washington, D.C. -- In a surprise partnership with the United States Armed Forces, Brady Games is planning on releasing a complete walk-though guide for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The Official Brady GAMES Operation Iraqi Freedom Strategy Guide is scheduled to include over 250 pages of full color maps, guard and boss strategies, cheat codes, and much more. It is set to be the single most in-depth guide for the biggest conflict of the year, and like many Brady GAMES guides, it will include a fold out poster.

Game Characters Find Criticizing Iraq War Carries a Hefty Price

Hyrule -- With support for the War in Iraq gaining moment among Americans at home, video game characters that once spoke out against the war, are finding it harder to get their games made. War activists like Link, from the Legend of Zelda series, are finding it harder to get the games they want made. Link sites that the Wind Waker was a cute, kiddy game, keeping attention away from his political views.
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Be it The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker or Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Brady Games has been there to cash in on popular games, no matter what they are. They consistently outsell the competition, and always provide a high quality level of information found in no other guide. These factors helped Brady GAMES’ successfully outbid Prima and other strategy guide powerhouses for this government contract.

Brady GAMES Promises the Official Operation Iraqi Freedom Strategy Guide will have over 1,000 highly detailed maps, expert tactics on stealth maneuvering, proper skills for radio communication, a complete list of weapons and special moves, and even a walk through for the original War in the Gulf.

It is unclear when Brady GAMES plans on releasing this guide, but it will have to be within the next few weeks for them to stay relevant. The guide will retail for $14.95, and will be sold at Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, Borders, Electronics Boutique, or any other store Brady GAMES guides are sold. Check Brady GAMES website for future announcements, and when the guide hits, you’ll read about it in these pages first.

In a related story, Geraldo Rivera, who was kicked out of Iraq and fired by the Fox News Channel last week, has been hired by Brady GAMES, and plans on working on the Official Operation Iraqi Freedom Strategy Guide. We'll have more information closer to the books release date.

On-the-fence protestors choose $20 State of Emergency, leaving friends without ride

It's a Whole Page of X Box!! Seattle, WA -- A weekend of anti-war protesting was thwarted after Jeff Turnblad, a 20-year-old college student and Tower Records employee, chose to spend his $20 on a new copy of State of Emergency for the Xbox.

“I thought my friends would be happy with my decision, since we could still protest, but also sit on the couch and get drunk,” explained Jeff, “but I was shocked to learn that they actually wanted to protest.”

Jeff’s friends site that they were all ready to go and protest the war, and were extremely disappointed to find the gas money had gone towards a video game. “We had just got back from painting signs and making opinionated t-shirts, and we see him sitting there playing the game, already drunk,” complains Jeff’s high school pal, Gerry Robertson.