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Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My Video Reviewed by Chad Reinhardt on . Rating: 20%
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My Video
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My Video Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My Video
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What the hell could I possibly say about this bizarre little title? I wonder how many of you out there have been subjected to this or any of the other games in the Make My Video series, as there were four. This "game" has no real business calling itself such, as there is virtually no enjoyment to be had. There are but a handful of "characters" (and believe me, they are Characters all right!) and the objectives are all but impossible to actually achieve.

The Make My Video series was, in my opinion, even worse than the regular FMV games out there, as it tried your patience as a gamer AND tried to subject you to a sampling of the worst flavors of the month on the Billboard charts; though INXS inexplicably had one of these games too. The basic premise has to do with the characters, in this case, your standard nuclear family of four, asking you how they would like their Marky Mark served up. After you receive your objective, it's off to the editing room to splice a bunch of nonsensical clips of various sixties stock footage and Hanna Barbera cartoons together to make a video. That's the whole game. If you produce a video that the family member likes, you can play that round again, or you can take on one of the other family member's requests.

The actual editing isn't very fun either. I actually do a lot of editing in my profession, and whoever thought that editing things together would make for a great game has obviously never edited anything together! And to produce a video based on the requests of the family members means that you actually have to sit and watch the three different video feeds over and over and over to know exactly when to splice the correct video snippet in at the right time. The video snippets are exactly that, too. They move pretty fast, which only makes for a difficult assignment, and definitely not a good time.

This was an ill-conceived idea, and I can't believe they made four of these things. I can't find anything really positive to say about these games...maybe some of the stock footage was funny, maybe.
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