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Strip Fighter II Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Rating: 10%
Strip Fighter II
Strip Fighter II Strip Fighter II Strip Fighter II Strip Fighter II
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  • D-
There are bad games. Rise 2: the Resurrection and Myst fit the bill, and then there are TERRIBLE games. If Strip Fighter 2 was a movie, it would be even worse than a seven hour directors cut of SHOWGIRLS!

Strip Fighter 2 is cheese, plain and simple. It's a cult classic, but not in a good way. Really, if it weren't for one thing, this game would be on the bottom of everybody's buying list! But the game does have one thing that makes many people not only want it, but desire it: NUDITY! And all kinds of nudity. In fact, there's so much nudity, it reminds me of the orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut.

The women (six women, zero men) use their body "parts" as weapons (albeit some have larger, um, weapons than others). And the holds, even, are strip club-style pole dancing. Plus, to make things even better, if you win the first round you get to see a lingerie model. If you win the second round, you get to see her naked (see bellow for some examples of these models - WARNING: NUDITY).

But even countless bare breasts flopping all over the screen, nor the lingerie models make me recommend this game. The control is the worst control in a fighting game. Compared to this game, Fighting Street's control is award winning. And the graphics? Let me put it this way, there is no reason other than the nudity to play this game. And to think that it came out AFTER Street Fighter 2, and tons of other BETTER fighting games. Avoid ... unless you are looking for extreme novelty.
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