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Little Triangle (Early Access)
Little Triangle (Early Access) Little Triangle (Early Access) Little Triangle (Early Access) Little Triangle (Early Access)
This is Little Triangle. It's a brand new side-scrolling platformer from developer CottonGame. It stars a little triangle who is desperately trying to save his oddly-shaped friends from an alien invasion. This charming action game is currently available as part of Steam Early Access, and I've spent the last couple hours making my way through it. I know you have a lot of questions about Little Triangle, so let's crib this!

Wait ... an alien invasion? You heard that correctly, Little Triangle starts with an alien invasion. It seems that hostile space invaders have come down and are abducting all of our triangle friends. But just as it looked like all hope was lost, one hero was left behind. Now it's up to that little triangle to race through a couple dozen stages rescuing the victims and stomping out the alien invasion.

He'll do this by double-jumping his way through levels based around a factory, temple and a third area that has yet to be announced. It's a fairly standard 2D outing that is equal parts Super Mario Bros. and Super Meat Boy. It's a punishingly difficult platformer where the goal is to go from checkpoint to checkpoint jumping on enemies and overcoming the increasingly challenging obstacles. It's quick, exciting and full of devilishly difficult stages.

Why a temple? Didn't everybody get sucked into a space ship? Yeah, that confused me, too. I guess they wanted some variety to the stages, so a few of the triangle people have been locked in a holding chamber and scattered throughout the levels. It contradicts the opening cinema, but it does give me an opportunity to talk about the over-abundance of secrets tucked away in the game. You won't go more than a few seconds without running into an invisible wall that contains triangle-shaped gems or a shortcut. If you're really lucky, you'll find one of the kidnapped people and save them from certain doom.

I like that there's as much exploration as there is platforming, and I can see myself going back through the stages in order to locate all the hidden junk. That said, I do wish there was something you could do with the items you collect. I like how Slime-san, another game we recently previewed, lets you spend your points to unlock new modes and graphic filters. It would be neat to see something like that in Little Triangle.

There are only three stages? While it sounds a bit short, I assure you that Little Triangle has plenty of content. Each stage has twelve separate levels, and it took me a few hours to get all the way through the factory and temple. I'm not sure what the third section will bring, but the stages were increasing in difficulty, so I expect it will take even longer to get through. It's also good about introducing new obstacles in every level. I like how you'll be riding arrows in one level and then running from a mummified triangle in the next. Oh, and did I mention that Pac-Man makes a cameo? I don't mean a fake knock-off Pac-Man, but the real Pac-Man. Is that even legal?

Conclusion: With a strong art style and precise gameplay, I had a lot of fun with Little Triangle. The Steam Early Access version sports 24 challenging levels, including two lengthy boss fights. You're ultimately getting quite a bit of content for $12, and that price is going to go up once the third section has been added. It may still be a few months away from release, but Little Triangle is a polished platformer with a lot to offer. It's worth checking out.
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