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Slime-san Slime-san Slime-san Slime-san
This is Slime-san, the upcoming game from New York developer Fabraz. It's a 2D platformer with a retro style and punishing difficulty. It's hitting PC, Mac and Linux in April, but I've been playing the beta build. I know you have a lot of questions, so let's crib this.

Hey, this looks like Super Meat Boy! You're not wrong. Between the fast-paced platforming and goo sticking to the walls, this looks a lot like Super Meat Boy by way of the Game Boy Color. It also plays like Team Meat's obscenely popular 2010 action game, having us dodge all kinds of deadly obstacles in order to make it safely to the exit. And it can be unforgiving, forcing us to make it through the punishing stages without getting hit even once. Yeah, I think it's safe to say that Super Meat Boy fans are going to love Slime-san.

But while the visuals and objectives are certainly similar, Fabraz has crafted a platformer that is more than just another clone. Slime-san builds on the formula by giving our hero a helpful dash move that can break walls and push blocks. More importantly, the slime will be able to turn invisible, allowing him to glide through green obstacles. But don't think that invisibility is going to make the game too easy, because you'll still have to start over whenever you hit anything red. They can't make it too easy for you.

It looks cool, but is there much content? I thought you would never ask. While the beta I played doesn't include the full game, the developers are promising more than 15 hours of platforming fun. The main story will include a whopping one-hundred stages, each made up of several challenging rooms. All this adds up to some 400 rooms to complete. And that doesn't even include the 100 New Game+ stages, which have an additional 400 rooms to puzzle through. That's nearly a thousand rooms, which will definitely take some time to beat. I feel like I only touched the surface after spending a couple hours with the game.

Is that it? What, is that not enough? Actually, no, that's not it. The game also wants you to pick up partially-digested apples that can be used to unlock different play styles, outfits, shaders and mini games. There will also be new modes, such as Speed Running and Boss Rush. And did I mention that each level is timed and will include online rankings? Like I said, there's a lot packed in Slime-san. At least, there will be when it's complete. I haven't had a chance to experience most of the extra modes and unlockables, but it all sounds like a lot of fun.

Conclusion: Assuming the game continues to add new ideas and obstacles to the 200 stages, it sounds like Fabraz has a real winner on their hands. Based on what I played, Slime-san has responsive gameplay and a cool retro look. It also plays with the formula in ways that help separate it from similar platformers. Slime-san comes out this April on PC, Mac and Linux for $11.99, and I can tell you right now that it's worth keeping an eye out for. We'll be back in April with a full review.
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