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Rogue Singularity (Early Access)
Rogue Singularity (Early Access) Rogue Singularity (Early Access) Rogue Singularity (Early Access) Rogue Singularity (Early Access)
This is Rogue Singularity, it's a brand new action game that combines the randomness of a roguelike with the platforming of Super Mario Galaxy. It recently hit Steam Early Access and I can already tell you have a bunch of questions, so let's crib this.

Is this a sequel to that game Singularity? No, this has absolutely nothing to do with that 2010 Activision first-person shooter. Did anybody even play that? Rogue Singularity is a third-person platformer starring a customizable robot taking on a bunch of increasingly complicated tests in the middle of space. Like I said in the intro, it's basically a simple version of Super Mario Galaxy mixed with a bunch of roguelike elements.

For those who aren't as familiar with the "roguelike" sub-genre, it's basically used to indicate a game with a procedurally-generated world where our hero is forced to start over from the beginning when they die. Think of a game like Spelunky or Rogue Legacy. In this case, we're given a world familiar to fans of 3D platformers, complete with floating blocks, fire traps and plenty of bottomless pits. And much like the roguelikes I just mentioned, the little robot in Rogue Singularity will need to conquer all the levels in one go or face completely different stages in the next attempt.

Wait ... you only get one life? No, the game isn't that brutal. We're given five lives (in the form of batteries) at the start of the game, and there are plenty of extra chances lying around. The game also gives our robot a few power-ups to choose from, which can greatly improve his chances of finishing the test without bowing up. The game defaults to a floating jump, but you can do anything from grabbing extra lives to throw down jump pads to become temporarily invincible to attracting nearby coins. And if that's not enough, you'll also be collecting coins that you can use to unlock new customizable parts. There are a lot of hooks to keep you coming back.

So why are you doing this anyway? It's not real clear, to be honest. The introduction shows us materializing out of nothing and being introduced by a giant six-eyed robot. He mentions taking on his challenging tests and a prize at the end, but what we'll win is never clear. What I do know is that the game presents a series of platforming stages that slowly add new obstacles and bad guys. This is mostly about dodging spikes and not falling off the ledges. Actually, since we're in the middle of space, wouldn't he just float off the ledge? The gravity situation in this game is confusing, to say the least. But who cares how scientifically accurate it is, because dodging boomerang-throwing robots is fun no matter who you are.

Conclusion: 3D platformers can be tricky to pull off, but Rogue Singularity seems to be doing just that. This is an exciting little action game with a lot of challenging stages and even a boss at the end. This Early Access built features an entire five stage campaign, though it seems there's a lot of room in the hub for additional worlds. I'm excited to see what they add in those worlds, and hope they find other ways of mimicking Super Mario Galaxy. This game is still a long way from release, but Rogue Singularity is worth the $14.99 asking price.
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