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Serial Cleaner (Early Access)
Serial Cleaner (Early Access) Serial Cleaner (Early Access) Serial Cleaner (Early Access) Serial Cleaner (Early Access)
This is Serial Cleaner, the brand new action game from iFun4All. It's a game for people who are more interested in the aftermath of a crime scene than the actual killing. This stylish throwback is about to hit Steam Early Access and I know you have a lot of questions, so let's crib this.

What exactly is a serial cleaner? You know that scene in Pulp Fiction when Vincent Vega accidentally shoots Marvin's head off and he has to call The Wolf to clean things up? Well, that's pretty much what you do in Serial Cleaner. After a series of murders go down, it's your job to rush in and clean things up before the police find incriminating evidence.

This plays out like a fast-paced stealth game. Think of it as Hotline Miami without all of the wanton violence. The cops are already poking around the crime scene, so you'll need to patiently wait until they're looking away before you can pick up the murder weapons and dispose of the bodies. The game shows you exactly what the cops can see, so it's your job to navigate around their field of view and not get caught. This not an easy job.

Is there any shooting? No, you're basically a glorified janitor. You're not there to get into a messy shootout with the cops, because this is all about sneaking behind their backs and cleaning up the mess somebody else has made. It's not even clear our hero knows how to fire a gun. What we do know is that he's dripping with 1970s style, complete with a bitchin' moustache and wood-paneled station wagon. And I like how bright and cheery the game is. For a premise so steeped in death and violent crimes, Serial Cleaner has a welcome sense of humor and never takes itself too seriously.

Is being a serial cleaner a lucrative job? You know, I'm actually not sure. There's never a scene where our hero gets paid and nothing about his look screams millionaire, so I'm a little dubious all this work is going to pay off in the end. But even if it's not lucrative, it's definitely fun. I like how this current build slowly ramps up the difficulty and adds new goals from stage to stage. It goes from picking up one body to multiple bodies to mopping up the blood. And even the objects you interact with change over the four stages. Plus, the bodies and evidence is all random, so you can go back and enjoy these stages over and over.

Conclusion: The version I played is based on the demo iFun4All showed off at PAX West a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure if the Steam Early Access version will include more levels, story bits or options, but it should definitely be on your radar. Serial Cleaner has a great sense of style and fun hook. The four stages hint at the possibilities, and, assuming the developers continue to come up with clever twists to the formula, I think iFun4All has a real winner on their hands. Now if you'll excuse me, I suddenly have the urge to watch Pulp Fiction.
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