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Aim Hero (Early Access)
Aim Hero (Early Access) Aim Hero (Early Access) Aim Hero (Early Access) Aim Hero (Early Access)
This is Aim Hero. It's a brand new product from ProGames Studios that wants to turn you into an online first-person shooter champ. This unorthodox tutor recently hit Steam Early Access and I know you have a lot of questions about it, so let's crib this.

Is this even a game? No, it's more of a teaching tool. You know how fighting games tend to come with a training area where you can practice combos and special moves for as long as you want? I guess ProGames Studio decided first-person shooters should have something similar. So they've created a barebones training game that will hone your skills in preparation for the next Call of Duty, Titanfall or Battlefield.

It's important to note that this is not a first-person shooter. You aren't allowed to wander the VR-inspired training rooms or fight against other real people. Instead you'll stand in one place and shoot at moving targets. That's it. This is basically a series target practice mini-games set in the blandest location the developers could think of.

Wait ... it's only about target practice? Yes, you really should be thinking about it as the Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing of first-person shooters. In its current form, Aim Hero only has a few mini-games to practice. They range from honing your reflexes, taking down strafing targets, shooting enemies behind cover and more. The finished product will feature a total of ten training modes, including modes for snipers and other weapon types.

It's also worth mentioning that the levels are purposely based on the top stages in the most popular first-person shooters. There are only a few in there right now, but eventually they want to include stages like Mirage, Cache and Nuke. They also hope to allow players to choose the mouse sensitivity from games like Battlefield, Call of Duty and Quake. They hope to have enough tools included to speed up your training and turn you into a real first-person champion.

But does it work? How am I supposed to know? I played this game and went right back to playing Rock Band 4. I'm not what you would call a competitive shooter kind of guy, so this training system isn't for me. I can see it working in theory, but it doesn't do much to hold your attention for long. You're not really competing against other player's scores and you won't know if you topped your best run until the very end. If I was in desperate need for practice, I think I would rather just play the real thing until I got good.

Conclusion: My gut reaction is to wonder if people really need a product like Aim Hero, but clearly fans of fighting games still demand their favorite games come with a practice mode. Given how popular these competitive online shooters are, perhaps there really is a need for a product like this. Personally, I didn't find the contents of this $5 game to be all that exciting, but there are a lot of updates planned with new training modes and weapons. I have a hunch you probably already know if Aim Hero is for you.
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