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Color Jumper (Steam Greenlight)
Color Jumper (Steam Greenlight) Color Jumper (Steam Greenlight) Color Jumper (Steam Greenlight) Color Jumper (Steam Greenlight)
This is Color Jumper. It's a brand new 2D platformer with a minimalist look. It's the upcoming game from Tall Beard Studios, the team behind Crystal Caveman and Three Red Hearts. This appears to be their most ambitious game yet, which is why I'm going to spend the next few minutes answering questions. Let's crib this.

Great, another minimalistic platformer? Hey, don't be so down. I know we see a lot of simple 2D platformers coming from indie studios, but this one has a cool little gimmick with a lot of potential. Instead of being just another game where you jump on enemies and ride floating platforms, this retro throwback is all about matching colors.

You play a box with a different color on each side. Every time you jump, your box rotates 90 degrees. The goal is to navigate your way through the tricky stages, avoid hitting the black goo that lines the walls and then find the exit door. This is made trickier with the addition of colored tiles that are only solid if you are matching colors. That is, if your box is red on the bottom, then you can stand on a red surface. Every other color will simply fall through like it's not even there.

That sounds cool, but is that enough? I'm not sure it's going to convince the most jaded gamers, but Color Jumper does bring something new to the table. The game slowly ramps up the difficulty, adding new obstacles every step of the way. The current demo only contains 30 stages, but they do a good job of showing off some of the ideas the developer is working with. It's clear that this won't remain a simple platformer for long, and, if the last few stages are any indication, the full game is going to become punishingly difficult by the end. It's yet to be seen just how much you can do with this concept, but the potential is certainly there.

What are some of the new obstacles? Color Jumper starts simple, but boy does it ramp up quickly. One of the biggest changes it makes is to shut the door, requiring players to defeat all of the enemies before moving on. These bad guys are also blocks, but only have colors on certain parts of their shape. This sets up some fun scenarios where we have to bounce from one enemy to the next, all while flipping your hero around to match colors. In later stages we'll discover fountains shooting colored water in all directions. This is the kind of obstacle where you can get pushed around in a hurry, but only if you are matching colors. The developer hopes to have more than 100 stages in the finished game, so it always felt like I was only scratching the surface of what was possible.

Conclusion: Color Jumper is currently in Steam Greenlight, so who knows when we'll get the full game. I recommend checking out the demo, which includes a fair amount of content and is free. I'll leave a link in the description. While it's not the most advanced platformer of the year, Color Jumper does have a cool concept with a lot of potential. I hope the finished product lets me jump both clockwise and counter clockwise, but that's about my only nitpick. I like the direction this is headed and you should check it out.
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