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Woven (Kickstarter Demo)
Woven (Kickstarter Demo) Woven (Kickstarter Demo) Woven (Kickstarter Demo) Woven (Kickstarter Demo)
This is Woven. It's a brand new point and click adventure game from Alterego Games and Digital Forest. The game will be hitting Kickstarter in the coming weeks, but I had a chance to play around with the pre-alpha build and come to some conclusions. I know you have a lot of questions about Woven, so let's crib this.

Wait ... it's a point and click adventure game? That's right; this is a good, old-fashioned graphic adventure game. It may not look like Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion, but it uses a lot of the same fundamentals to tell a charming story about a pair of unlikely friends.

You take control of a mysterious flying robot named Glitch and his new stuffed elephant friend, Stuffy. The landscape is made entirely of soft fabrics, stitched together to create an unforgettable world to explore. Sadly, Glitch is unable to enjoy the bold prints and sewing expertise, because the little robot is too busy wondering why he's the only metallic creature in a land full of plush objects.

Okay. But when does the pointing and clicking happen? Look, I get it, the game kind of resembles a 3D platformer, but I'm telling you that this is a traditional graphic adventure. You move by pointing where you want Stuffy to go and clicking to confirm, just like so many computer games in the early 1990s. The goal is to locate the 27 types of fabrics hidden throughout the demo. These items not only allow you to customize Stuffy in all kinds of silly ways, but the different fabrics are used to solve the various puzzles.

The mechanics go deeper than simply swapping out colors, because Stuffy can also change into different types of animals. For example, the duo will run into a rabbit early in the game. After a quick scan, we're able to mix and match parts of the rabbit with the elephant, swapping in legs and arms that have different skills. We'll find that the elephant legs do a powerful ground pound, while the rabbit legs can jump over objects. This Kickstarter demo only scratches the surface of what is possible, but the potential is clear right from the jump.

Is it story driven like other graphic adventures? While there's a lot of pointing and clicking, Woven is short on story. You won't get bogged down with lengthy conversations and there isn't a single dialog choice to be found. The bulk of the story comes from the narrator interrupting the action with rhyming couplets. This may be a cool idea, but the execution left me a little concerned about the finished product. My biggest concern is the narrator, a soft-spoken woman with a noticeable accent. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but some of the delivery felt off and lacked the intended impact. I found myself hoping the dialog was temporary for this pre-alpha build.

Conclusion: With its stylish look and compelling puzzle solving mechanics, I found myself wanting to see more of Woven. The game ends right as it's starting to get good and I can't wait to see what happens next. That is, if the game ends up getting funded. This Kickstarter demo will be made public in the coming weeks and I definitely think it's worth checking out. Whether or not it's worth backing on Kickstarter is up to you, but I would certainly like to see more of Woven.
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