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Nintendo Power Uncovered
Nintendo Power #20: January 1991 - Mega Man III
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on January 15, 2013   |   Episode 20 (Show Archive)  

After nearly three hundred issues, Nintendo Power is finally coming to an end. To send this long-running periodical off in style, the Cover Critic has decided to review every single issue. Join him as he experiences every aspect of Nintendo's journey through their magazine covers.

In a contest to see who can make Mega Man look the dumbest, Nintendo Power is quickly catching up. And to think, it wasn't that long ago when I proudly proclaimed that Mega Man II was among the top magazine covers of all time. It was so good that it outclassed even Capcom's own box art. Apparently those days are long behind us, because this Mega Man III design makes me seriously question whether I want an endless string of annual sequels.

There are two things I know for sure based solely on looking at this cover. One is that Mega Man III takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the skies are always orange and the grass is made of AstroTurf. I also know that Rush, Mega Man's trusty pooch, is now 70 years old and unable to stand or eat on his own.

Regardless of how you feel about Rush's frail state, I think it's safe to say that Mega Man's best friend is more of a liability than a help. Our hero should be chasing after the escaping Dr. Wily; this should be the scene of an epic battle. But instead we see Mega taking his aging dog out to do his business. At least we'll know who is responsible when Dr. Wily gets away with taking over the world. Thanks for nothing, Mega Douche.


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