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Mystical Ninja starring Goemon (Virtual Console) Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . There are some good ideas in this otherwise conventional Zelda clone. Mystical Ninja starring Goemon has a lot of character and is an engaging enough adventure to warrant the three dollars. It's not as deep as the games its aping, but you'll have a good time regardless! Rating: 71%
Mystical Ninja starring Goemon (Virtual Console)
Mystical Ninja starring Goemon (Virtual Console) Mystical Ninja starring Goemon (Virtual Console) Mystical Ninja starring Goemon (Virtual Console) Mystical Ninja starring Goemon (Virtual Console)
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What Is It? Have you heard the legend of the Mystical Ninja? If you're in an English speaking part of the world, then chances are good that you missed out on most of Goemon's 8- and 16-bit action games. This 1998 Game Boy game comes a full six years after Konami's first attempt to localize the popular Japanese series. Now on the 3DS Virtual Console, Mystical Ninja starring Goemon is a real surprise that mostly works.

This late generation Game Boy release is something of a Legend of Zelda clone, though I mean that in the nicest way possible. You choose one of three characters, including Sasuke the robot ninja, Ebisumaru the happy-go-lucky fighter and, of course, Goemon the brave hero. You set out on an adventure that takes you through villages, forests and underground dungeons. These characters fight samurais, ghosts, monsters and samurai ghost monsters. Even on the aging hardware, Mystical Ninja starring Goemon is full of character.

Does It Still Hold Up? Fans of the Zelda series will feel at home with Mystical Ninja. The gameplay has been simplified a bit and there isn't as much puzzle solving. Instead we find ourselves constantly fighting monsters and searching the map for treasure chests. The graphics are impressive, showing what the 8-bit handheld could pull off when given a chance. Mystical Ninja doesn't exactly break any new ground, but holds up as a Game Boy game.

Is It Worth The Money? My excitement for the game ebbed and flowed. Often I found myself bored of the same backgrounds and enemies, hoping for something new. However, my excitement for the game was refreshed every time something new happened. There's a big adventure here, even if this is a small game. The characters are fun and I enjoyed the world it created. I can see the groundwork for a truly special game. This Game Boy port isn't revolutionary, but it's worth playing for three dollars.
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