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The Next Space (PSP Minis) Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . If this is the next space, then maybe I'll wait for the one after that. This rare SNK arcade shooter is finally making its way to home consoles. There's a good reason why it didn't end up on the Sega Genesis or Super NES, and that's because this is a real stinker. Dull backgrounds, generic power-ups and enemies straight out of every other SNK shooter! Rating: 20%
The Next Space (PSP Minis)
The Next Space (PSP Minis) The Next Space (PSP Minis) The Next Space (PSP Minis)
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In the future we will colonize Mars, invade Jupiter and discover life in far off solar systems. NASA will discover that Tang has been the renewable resource we've been looking for all this time and space aliens will peacefully teach us the secrets of our origins. It's a peaceful time with cats and scary alien dogs live together. And then the sun blows up and destroys everything we've worked for. Space is gone. Don't worry; this game is about what happens after that. This game is about The Next Space.

Unfortunately, this SNK shooter looks a whole lot like The Near-Future Space. We get the usual boring black backgrounds and dogfights, presented from an all too familiar overhead perspective. This is the type of bullet hell shooter that SNK can do in their sleep. This is a company that experimented with every form of space shooter in the 1980s, making this lazy action game even more disappointing. This 1989 arcade rarity doesn't even attempt to evolve the genre.

Like so many shooters that came before it, The Next Space is all about the power-ups. The game offers ten items to pick up, including speed boosts, laser weapons, a spread gun, tiny spaceship helpers and missiles. Despite an impressive arsenal, nothing about this shooter feels new or original. To make things worse, the game's boring black backgrounds repeat throughout the entire game as if to remind you that you're playing the world's least creative shooter. If this is The Next Space, perhaps I'll wait for the next, next space.
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