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Chopper I (PSP Minis) Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Chopper I is an instantly playable overhead shooter, full of cool backgrounds and responsive gameplay. It doesn't break any new ground in the genre, but is colorful and a lot of fun to play through. Too bad the two-player mode is missing! For three dollars, Chopper I is worth taking helicopter lessons for! Rating: 64%
Chopper I (PSP Minis)
Chopper I (PSP Minis) Chopper I (PSP Minis) Chopper I (PSP Minis)
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  • B-
Taking a break from space shoot-em-ups, SNK has opted for something a little more contemporary. Originally released in 1988, Chopper I is yet another classic arcade release making its console debut. This three dollar PSN shooter sees you take control of an attack helicopter tasked with shooting down bad guys, taking out bosses and saving the day.

Fans of top down shooters will feel right at home with Chopper I. You pilot a surprisingly responsive helicopter past dangerous canyons, through claustrophobic caverns, a dangerous factory, the city streets and other warzones. SNK doesn't let the action slow down, constantly throwing new levels and bosses at you. The easy game mechanics and always changing locations keep this otherwise derivative shooter fresh.

Unfortunately, this game does have a couple nagging technical problems. I found that playing the game on the PS Vita meant that the lower part of the screen was mysteriously chopped off. Furthermore, the game has a tendency to stutter from time to time. It's nothing that impacts the actual gameplay, but it is noticeable. And like all PSP Minis, Chopper I doesn't even have a feature for two-player support.

Think you're going to power through by simply using unlimited continues? Not so fast, because Chopper I actually penalizes players for getting hit by a stray bullet. Instead of picking up right where you left off, the player is reset a few seconds earlier. This means that you'll have to battle the game's large bosses with care, because a single death will mean starting all over again. This added challenge, along with its sharp presentation and solid play mechanics, makes Chopper I a worthwhile shooter.
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