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Mega Man X2 (Virtual Console) Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . Are you one of the many who is sick and tired of Mega Man sequels? If so, prepare to eat your words, because Mega Man X2 is one of the best Virtual Console games released this year. It's full of fresh new ideas, as well as a few overhauled mechanics from the 8-bit games. Best of all, you can throw Ryu's fireball for some inexplicable reason! Rating: 92%
Mega Man X2 (Virtual Console)
Mega Man X2 (Virtual Console) Mega Man X2 (Virtual Console) Mega Man X2 (Virtual Console) Mega Man X2 (Virtual Console)
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What Is It? Maybe it's because Capcom recently canceled Mega Man Legends 3 and it's been a couple years since his last installment, but recently I've been having a real craving for the Blue Bomber. Apparently Nintendo heard my cries, because this week they uploaded Capcom's Mega Man X2 to the Virtual Console.

This is the sequel to Mega Man X, the first 16-bit Mega Man game (released all the way back in April 2011 on the Virtual Console). Despite one of the most dynamic starts in Mega Man history, X2 is largely more of the same. The good news is that the "X" series adds more than enough new to make Mega Man feel fresh again, even if you're largely doing the same things you've always done. This time around Capcom added a grappling hook, large mech suits, wall jumping and even a Street Fighter II-inspired fireball.

Much like the first Mega Man X, this features a series of animal-inspired robots. You fight against a crab, ostrich, gator, snail, centipede and moth, not exactly the most ferocious group of baddies. In true Mega Man style, each boss has a weakness to one specific weapon, making it advantageous to tackle the levels in a specific order. Speaking of levels, the futuristic landscapes are full of color and detail, offering some original platforming challenges that are far beyond what the 8-bit character could pull off.

Does It Still Hold Up? The gameplay is quick and responsive, full of new abilities and fresh ideas. The level designs are also sharp, with a lot of creative platforming and cool new enemies. Better still; the game is full of hidden items and shortcuts, giving players incentive to toy around with the new abilities. The graphics still look stunning and the action is fact, making this one of the very best Mega Man games.

Is It Worth The Money? While you may balk at bad guys based on moths and centipedes, I assure you that Mega Man X2 is no laughing matter. This is a series action game from beginning to end; easily one of the best Super NES titles available on the Virtual Console. Even if you're somebody who is sick and tired of the Mega Man formula, Capcom added enough to make even the biggest cynic eat their words. Let's hope it doesn't take Nintendo another year before we see Mega Man X3 on the Virtual Console.
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