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Rayman (Virtual Console) Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . It may not look or sound as good as the console versions, but Rayman is a strong 2D platformer on the Game Boy Color. This Virtual Console port comes just in time to help us forget about the disastrous Rayman Origins demo. Find out why people love Rayman in this must-own Virtual Console release! Rating: 78%
Rayman (Virtual Console)
Rayman (Virtual Console) Rayman (Virtual Console) Rayman (Virtual Console) Rayman (Virtual Console)
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What Is It? Despite not being one of 2011's most popular games, Rayman Origins was widely considered one of the best by critics around the world. For the past eight months Ubisoft has been riding a wave of good press, slowly getting the game out to every system you can imagine (including Steam and the PS Vita). You would think that the Nintendo 3DS would be the perfect fit for Rayman and his crazy sidekicks. And yet, the Rayman Origins demo was universally panned, leaving fans of the series with little hope that they would get a quality version of the game on their favorite handheld system.

Good news: Even if Rayman Origins is the total mess the demo suggests, fans of the series will still have an incredible Rayman game to play through this summer. It may be old, but the original Rayman on the Game Boy Color is the very definition of a great portable platforming game. It has a strong character, an epic quest and color worlds to explore. Best of all, it's challenging enough to keep even seasoned veterans busy.

Loosely based on the console versions, Rayman is a 2D side-scrolling adventure starring a man with no arms or legs. His adventure takes him all over the world battling bad guys and opening locked cages. The level designs (which feature everything from spiked musical notes to haunted forests) are the real star, showing off what the Game Boy Color is capable of from a technical level. This well-timed Virtual Console release will (hopefully) make people forget about the horrible Rayman Origins demo.

Does It Still Hold Up? Although the 8-bit hardware can't come close to matching the look of the PlayStation, Saturn and even Jaguar versions of this game, it does an excellent job providing bright and colorful levels. Unfortunately, I found the handling in this Game Boy Color version to be a little floaty. Rayman acts like he weighs nothing at all, which can get in the way when traversing some of the platforming challenges which require precision jumping. He may have no arms or legs, but Ray man still has that gut; he should weigh more than nothing.

Is It Worth The Money? Like most Rayman games, this Game Boy Color title is simply delightful. Not even the simple graphics and floaty controls can mar the compelling level designs and daring platforming puzzles found in Rayman. Best of all, the price is right. Fans who were disappointed by the horribly received Rayman Origins demo will finally have a Rayman game worth owning on the Nintendo 3DS. Now with Mario, Kirby, Sonic and Rayman, Nintendo's 3DS Virtual Console is starting to become a platformer powerhouse.
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