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SAR - Search and Rescue (PSP Minis) Reviewed by Cyril Lachel on . SAR - Search and Rescue leaves something to be desired in the translation. But even with a few slowdowns and control issues, this 1989 SNK arcade game is worth a look. Don't expect perfection, but the levels and interesting enemies make the game lots of fun! Rating: 64%
SAR - Search and Rescue (PSP Minis)
SAR - Search and Rescue (PSP Minis) SAR - Search and Rescue (PSP Minis) SAR - Search and Rescue (PSP Minis) SAR - Search and Rescue (PSP Minis)
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  • B-
When a ship goes down for unknown reasons, you are called in to search and, if all goes well, rescue. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. Now it's up to you to fight your way through hordes of outer space critters. No, I'm not talking about the 1986 movie Aliens. This is SAR - Search and Rescue, SNK's newest arcade port for the PSP and PlayStation 3.

SAR - Search and Rescue

This 1989 oddity feels like the spiritual successor to Guerilla War and Ikari Warriors, two games that employed a unique spinning controller. Sadly, the spinning joystick has been replaced by shoulder buttons. You can quickly tap the direction you want your character to turn and fire, but it's an imprecise method that takes a lot of novelty out of the experience. Thankfully the game's compelling level designs and impressive arsenal more than makes up for some control issues.

The graphics are sharp and all of the aliens blow up in appropriately gruesome ways. Unfortunately the action is occasionally marred by slowdowns, which only make the game's inherent control issues worse. If you can get past the imperfections you'll find a fun little action game worth a few bucks.
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