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30 Retro Rumors
Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming Soon (Retro Rumor #29)
By Cyril Lachel     |   Posted on December 24, 2015   |   Episode 29 (Show Archive)  

Welcome to 30 Ridiculous Retro Rumors, a brand new series that will run daily between November 26 and December 25, 2015. This is a series where we debunk some of the craziest rumors and predictions of all time. Today we're taking a look at a decade's worth of Final Fantasy VII Remake rumors. Let Electronic Gaming Monthly lay it all out in today's episode of 30 Ridiculous Retro Rumors.

This is a real rumor taken directly from the August 2005 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly ...

Believe it or not, there was a time when gamers weren't demanding a Final Fantasy VII remake. Critics weren't complaining about the translation and consumers actually liked the visual style; everybody was just excited to finally get their hands on the most talked about role-playing game of all time.

But as the years stretched on and we all got a little older, that feeling of discontent began to creep in. With each passing generation, the graphics started to look worse and many of the old school RPG tropes felt archaic. The writing was on the wall: Final Fantasy VII needed to be remade and brought up to current standards. And thus was born one of the longest running video game rumors of all time.

To be fair to Electronic Gaming Monthly and the countless other magazines that ran similar predictions, this rumor was bound to happen sooner or later. Not only is it one of Square's most iconic games, but this is a company that has made a lot of money on remaking Final Fantasy games. And no matter how many times the developers came out and said it wasn't happening, we all knew deep down in our guts that it would eventually become reality.

While not the first person to predict a Final Fantasy VII remake, Quartermann gave this rumor a big push in 2005. This led to a decade full of magazines and online pundits attempting to outguess one another. Some outlets said the game would take 30 years to make, others said it might only take 12 months. Some said Square wanted a remake, others said they were in complete chaos over the idea. Some said Square would remake the game under one condition, while others said the project could kill Final Fantasy for good. And so it went for ten long years.

Thankfully, Square Enix finally gave in and announced a proper Final Fantasy VII remake. Coming soon to PlayStation 4, Square Enix promises a bigger, more fully realized Final Fantasy VII experience that might be told over multiple games. While some are concerned about the changes being made, this remake does appear to be the game fans have been asking for. And no, Quartermann doesn't get any credit.


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